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Every day, women across the Panhandle reach out to the AABHC with questions about breast cancer. We've been helping women across our area since 1994.

A majority of callers were uninsured or underinsured women who needed mammograms. Many have questions about insurance coverage, disability, Family Medical Leave, employment issues, or simply needed someone to listen to their concerns.

We can be a resource for you, help you navigate your way through an insurance maze, or simply listen to your concerns. You are not alone. The AABHC is here for you.

  Where to turn if you... Who to Contact
 Are newly diagnosed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Are 45 or younger & have breast cancer Young Survival Coalition
 Want to keep up with research National cancer Institute
 Want to be in a breast cancer study Army of Women
 Want to raise funds Avon Breast Health Outreach Program
 Diagnosed with advanced breast cancer Advanced Breast Cancer Community
 Estimate a woman's risk of developing  invasive breast cancer Gail Risk Calculator
The Breast Center of Excellence The Breast Center of Excellence
BCE FaceBook Page


 Understanding Breast Cancer

You can also receive valuable information from many of our Coalition Members.

Do you know about important resources not listed here? We welcome your input. Please email us with details, including your contact information.


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